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Quick coda to this 

Thanks for the amazing reactions to my last piece, I was a bit worried people wouldn’t like it so much since I was a bit mean to Jason, but I hadn’t realized that so many people shared my frustration at how he treated Reyna ! (I still like Jason for other things but he is in no way perfect. Which makes it more interesting.)

they’re gonna be such bros im gonna cry


Some days ago I went to see a ballet and since then I’ve had the idea of drawing Levi as a ballet dancer. The idea grew bigger and bigger, into one in which Petra and Levi are ballet partners in a small company after war and Erwin is the new choreographer and also an ex-dancer (and ex-soldier) and decides to teach Levi some tango so he can loose up on stage. Kind of. No love-triangles involved x_D

I might do some more sketches or pics or maybe a short comic ‘cause I’m really digging this idea! ♥

EDIT: Added close-up by petition :3

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